Sunday, October 30, 2016

Collage, Cypress Gallery Fall Show

This is a collage I entered in the Fall Show at the Cypress Gallery here in Lompoc.
It got the blue ribbon in the 3-D category.  (have to admit-there were not very many entries in that category this time).  The title of the piece is "Under The Sun". To me, it shows commonality co-existing with diversity: unique content, all encircled.  Never mind, philosophy aside, it was fun to put together, using odds and ends I'd saved.  The size is 24x24 inches- a friend gave me the frame. It has glass-there are reflections in the right hand corner.  There is just half an inch clearance for the items.

Drip Tests

These 4 pictures show a test I did in a glaze firing.  I made 2 pots, bisqued them and applied a glaze after waxing the bottoms and top rims. They were fired in the position of the pot on the right, showing dried glaze flakes in 3 colors, intended to melt during the firing.
This one worked fine,  Looks like I held the kiln temp. for about the right amount of time for the glaze to run down all the way.  Notice the little bumps of glaze on the drip ring, where they solidified when the heat was lowered.

This one had a problem: some of the holes in the drip ring were too close to the edge of the pot, and glaze had glued it to the pot.  So this picture shows how I set it up to refire, expecting the drip ring to drop onto the round clay slab, as the glaze re-melted.  

It worked!  the drip ring dropped down. However, the glazes now ran the opposite way, and too far- past the foot of the pot. I want to keep them, however, so will make some kind of a base for the pot. Meanwhile, this glass ashtray supports the pot as a temporary base.

Saturday, September 03, 2016


These pots are from 2 glaze firings done in late August.  I'm back to claywork after a long hiatus, and loving it!  I have a lot of things on my "Make" list.
5.5" high, 

Handbuilt, not thrown. Shaped over an inverted plastic pot...kind of fun for a change.
It is 11 inches high, and 14 acrosss

about 9" in diameter

This one is 6.5" tall

two views of a 11" bowl

I did a lot of handwork on this one; sometimes it's just a contemplative  thing to do.

9" in diameter

7" high

6" diameter

...made for a friend 

10" diameter

These were too pale so I dipped them in blue and refired.

8" tall vase, pale yellow

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Catching up....

10" high, eucalyptus seed imprints
I haven't posted on this blog for a long time, so have uploaded a bunch of pictures of pots made during this past year. Will not bother dating them. The two above are about 6" in diameter.

Some bowls I made for a charity event- "Empty Bowls project"

This looks yellow here, but it's a soft peach color. 10" high

Have to keep this one; it has a hairline short crack on the inside bottom. Oranges look good in it anyway.

Two views of a handbuilt vase with a thrown top portion. I have this cool textured rubber mat, and used it on a slab, for the cylinder. I left al the "marks of making" this time. 12" high

I call this "Travelers" (had to call it something, to be in a judged show) because the oval shapes reminded me of cars going along a rough road.  
6 celdon cups made to order for a friend
Our new house numbers

- an order: this was not so easy to make!

The body of the pot is about 7" across. The bright color is from an encapsulated stain.

...about 5" across

Garlic jar made for one of my daughters, per her request.

10" in diameter

Add ca

4 pots for succulents

These eggs and small pots are only bisqued

an experiment with "lunch meat jerky" Some were tasty, some not so much.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Halloween, and more

I should post this on Facebook for a "Throwback Thursday picture", because it's a painting I did back in 1969. The brown canvas was left by some movers, and I just used white acrylic. It's life size- too bad it wasn't a longer piece- she would have had complete legs!

These ghosts are about 10-11 inches tall...scary, eh? 

A few of these are at the Cypress Gallery in Lompoc. In actuality the cutouts appear dark, but the camera flash lit up the insides.

This is a 19" stoneware platter, on display this month at the Cypress Gallery. I called it "Spinning"

Monday, July 07, 2014


This is the figure I was commissioned to make copies of. It is a family heirloom, and the owner wanted duplicates (or close) to give to his children. It is a luminary (no top to the hat) about 8" tall.

Here are the ones I made, of thrown and altered spheres. It's really harder to copy something than just start with your own design. Of course, if you're making multiples of your own design, that's copying too. I don't often do that, unless it's dinnerware, etc.

I'm including the side view photo to show the shaping of the body, indicating their big butts-adds to their cuteness. They all have scarfs hanging down the back, too.

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Tall vase

Since the wormtower (see below) was going to require me to use a stack of only half shelves in the kiln, I decided to make another tall thing to fill the space available next to the worm tower. I made a form using a heavy cardboard cylinder, with short kiln posts duct taped to one end to form corners, and after a layer of linoleum and paper, wrapped and joined the clay slab. I then added a thrown top and handles. To make the carving on both sides, I inverted the design of the handles. I got a printed pattern from taking a picture of the vase, enlarging it and cutting out the pattern.
My thought in adding the white slip coating before firing was that any glaze would appear brighter over the white areas. As it happened, it would have with some glazes but not the one I chose! wasn't transparent enough. Oh well!
After the glaze firing, a line became visible where the thrown top was added, so I added the cord. I actually think it's a good touch anyway.